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Avon Park Air Force Range is a 106,000 acre military training facility located in Polk and Highlands County in south-central Florida. 

The Fish, Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation program works in coordination with the Air Force to provide recreational opportunities to the public and military personnel.
As the largest Wildlife Management Area in the southwest region of Florida, APAFR is known as a world-class destination for Hunting,
Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Birding and Educational Opportunities for all ages.




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Important Information

** For PRA Hunt Permits: Once you purchase, print receipt and bring to the mandatory Hunter's Safety Briefing along with hunter education card and ID. Also bring a valid insurance card and vehicle registration. 

The Hunter's Safety Briefing will be the last Saturday in August at South Florida State College:  600 W College Dr, Avon Park, FL 33825


This 106,000 acre Department of Defense air-to-ground training facility is utilized by all branches of our military for training purposes.  Avon Park Air Force Range (APAFR) is uniquely positioned to provide specialized  training for a variety of military mission needs.  
In addition to preparing our Nation's troops APAFR provides roughly 82,000 acres of land for public use and over 2,500 additional acres set aside for military, department of Defense employees and 100 % disabled veterans.  The Fish, Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation program in cooperation with other programs on range manages wildlife and habitats using sound scientific practices including species surveys, game size and bad limits, rotational prescribed burning and timber management. 


Public Recreation is generally available Thursday through Monday; however this schedule varies depending on military missions taking place on Range.  Weekly recreation schedules are updated and posted on our website each Wednesday by noon. This schedule is also available on our voice recording and at each informational kiosk. Recreation schedules are always subject to change and thus it is important to periodically check kiosks during your visit. 


To use our telephone service, please use the following options

 Call (863) 452 - 4254

 Press 1 for current Recreation Schedule

 Press 2 for the Military Recreation schedule

 Press 3 for the Road Closures and Burn notices

 Press 0 at any time to speak to a staff member


More information about APAFR can be found on our website and facebook pages.