Avon Park Air Force Range


Avon Park Air Force Range is a 106,000 acre military training facility located in Polk and Highlands County in south-central Florida.  The Fish, Wildlife & Outdoor Recreation Program works in coordination with the U.S. Air Force to provide recreational opportunities to the public and military personnel. APAFR is known as a world-class destination for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, birding, and educational opportunities for all ages.




** For all Permit purchases: Once you purchase a permit, please print the receipt.  THIS RECEIPT IS NOT YOUR PERMIT.  Attend the Hunt brief at South Florida State College on September 7, 2019.  There will be extremely limited opportunities to pick up your permit and have your make-up briefing this year; please make every attempt to attend the briefing at South Florida State College.  A state issued hunter education card is required to pick up your permit.

All Potential permit holders are encouraged to read the regulation summary and the letter from Lt. Col. Stark in their entirety prior to purchasing a permit. Significant changes have been enacted for the 2019-2020 season. No refunds on permit purchases. Deer and Hog dog hunters are now required to submit a separate limited entry quota hunt application to hunt APAFR, refer to avonparkafr.net/forms.html for applications and instructions. 

Public Recreation is generally available Friday through Monday; however, this schedule varies depending on military missions taking place at APAFR.  Weekly recreation schedules are updated and posted on our website every Wednesday by 1:00PM.  This schedule is also available on our voice recording and at each informational kiosk. Recreation schedules are always subject to change and thus it is important to periodically check kiosks during your visit. 


To use our telephone service, please use the following options

 Call (863) 452 - 4254

 Press 1 for current Recreation Schedule

 Press 2 for the Military Recreation schedule

 Press 3 for the Road Closures and Burn notices

 Press 0 at any time to speak to a staff member


More information about APAFR can be found on our website and Facebook pages.