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The function of the iSportsman portal has been changed to accommodate our new Safety Briefing requirements.  When you logon to your iSportsman account, you must watch the UXO & 2022-2023 Briefing videos to unlock the Permits for purchase.

You will find the videos listed under "My Safety Briefs" as shown in the image below.












Once you complete the required briefings and successfully answer the Comprehension Questions, Permits will be unlocked for purchase.  Be advised certain Permits (i.e. MRA Hunt Permits, Companion Permits, Discounted PRA Permits for Military Personnel) may require a VALIDATION from the Outdoor Recreation Office before they become available.  If you do not see a Permit available that you wish to purchase, please contact the Outdoor Recreation Office at and request a VALIDATION.

If you are new to the iSportsman portal, please refer to our User's Guide to iSportsman for more information.